J. Anthony Allen

Saturations III-A

Saturations III-A
The Saturations series of pieces all focus on a very narrow “subject” and, similar to photography, saturates it with as much of the subject as can be aesthetically pleasing. Saturations III-A uses a single sample of a choir with various synthesis techniques to achieve an atmospheric environmental soundscape.

The software used was mostly Soundhack. In fact, the majority of the piece is fairly uneffected from one single file generated in Soundhack. I time stretched the inital choir sample to be around 100 hours long. The artifacts created in doing this resulted in the majority of the “clicky” material of the piece.

This piece exists in a stereo, quad, and 8-Channel versions.

Duration: 6:08

Listen to an excerpt:

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This piece has been prorgrammed widely, including being featuring at the Society of Electro-Acoustic Music (SEAMUS) annual conference, and at the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts.

Saturations III-A qualifies for the Performance Incentive Program.

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