After Voyage

Electronic, Media, Video

voyageThis piece was done as part of the “Art Inspired Music” Project at McNally Smith College of Music. Students were paired with a local visual artist, and tasked with “translating” a visual work of art to a musical medium. As a faculty member, I couldn’t resist, so I joined in the fun.

From the gallery book:
“When I first met Alonso at his studio to talk about the work, my initial reaction was to make short audio samples of the piece and compose a musical work out of those sounds (how often do you get to bang on an actual piece of Art?) However, what came to me while I was working on the music was much more involved than just using samples of the work. Alonso talked about the piece symbolizing the voyage made by his family when entering the United States as immigrants. Having never experienced a cultural uprooting so sever, I tried to abstract the idea into musical analogies, and treat the piece as a musical voyage. It begins in a world filled with natural sound: wood (incidentally, all taken from the sculpture itself), with some harmonic string instruments familiar to everyone (cello and violin). As the piece progresses, the natural sounds leave their familiar ground, and gradually transform into electronic sounds. Thus, the voyage of acoustic (familiar/home) to electronic (unfamiliar/new) is the voyage taken in my audio rendering of Alonso’s Voyage.”