Graveyards, By Ballet Mech

A project from my production group, Ballet Mech, out now on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify.

This project is a remix album of Jeremy Messersmith’s entire “The Reluctant Graveyard” album. We got all the original tracks (stems) from Jeremy, and tried to re-compose the entire album. We focused mostly on keeping Jeremy’s voice, and the general structure of the song, but started over with almost everything else.

I’m really happy with it, and looking forward to the next big Ballet Mech project.


After finishing my dissertation in 2008, I needed to work on a track that was pure fun. No delusions of profundity, just a fast track exploring some of the techniques I had uncovered while working on the last few projects. It’s almost like a study – when a painter paints a bunch of faces before painting the big scene using all of them.

Incidentally, it was programmed at a few festivals. Namely the Spark Festival in 2009. The track is free to anyone that wants to make a video for it – email if your interested.

Studio Z Fanfare

studiozfanfareIn the summer of 2009 I was in residence with the fantastic champions of new music Zeitgeist. As part of their “composer workshop” series, me and a few other composers (Abbie Betinis and Justin Merritt) had the opportunity to work with Zeitgeist and write a new piece for them. The catch was, we had to write it in 3 days.

I ended up with 2 short pieces. One entirely acoustic, and one entirely electronic.

I spent my first session with them just recording their studio (Studio Z). They had just moved in to this cool new space, and were in the process of remodeling it. Perfect for someone like me that likes to sample all kinds of banging on things. So I wrote this little piece using only sounds gathering from knocking on the walls, floors, coffee makers, trash cans, and whatever else I could find in their new studio.


3346083454-1Thing. It’s a track called Thing.

“Thing” is the working title I gave to the track while I was playing with it. I gave it to Andrew Linde at modernsextrash to write some lyrics, and see if he thought it might be a good fit for modernsextrash. The band liked it, and recorded it. They added some cool things to it, and gave it a nice production.

I asked them to come up with a better name, but it seems nothing can top the profundity of “Thing.”

You can download it free from their site:

Rx Nation (Remix)

aka rx_j, aka “Tired”.

This is a track from my old friends modernsextrash. I occasionally contribute to some of their electronic stuff, and this track is a remix of their “Rx Nation.” I essentially took the female vocal in the song and threw everything else out. Added my own beats, piano, and synths to it in order to focus on the “hazziness” of the subject matter. MST has it available for a free download here:

Track Art for rx_j (remix of Rx Nation by modernsextrash)

Track Art for rx_j (remix of Rx Nation by modernsextrash)