Graveyards, By Ballet Mech

A project from my production group, Ballet Mech, out now on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify.

This project is a remix album of Jeremy Messersmith’s entire “The Reluctant Graveyard” album. We got all the original tracks (stems) from Jeremy, and tried to re-compose the entire album. We focused mostly on keeping Jeremy’s voice, and the general structure of the song, but started over with almost everything else.

I’m really happy with it, and looking forward to the next big Ballet Mech project.

Featured on MST Remix Album

I120699979-1’ve mentioned before (or at least in that right column that talks about what I’m working on lately) that I’ve been doing some remixes for the band modernsextrash. I collaborate with these guys from time to time, contributing electronic elements to some of their tracks. I really dig their sound, and they are a fun bunch of folks.

This weekend they released a new remix called Varia. There are 16 remixes, two of which are mine. (#9 and #16) What I dig about this album is that some of their songs have multiple remixes by different artists. It’s interesting to see the way each of us was attracted to different elements of the track, and where we went with them.

human:disengage by modernsextrash


albumcover This album has been a labor of love for a few years now. I initially wrote what became Kinesthesia I as a commission for the Southern Theatre’s Electric Eyes festival. The piece was meant to explore my passion for the intersections of chamber music and more aggressive electronic music. After the premiere of Kinesthesia I, I decided it needed a counterpart – and so came Kinesthesia II. In Kinesthesia II, I focused on developing the intersections in a more direct way. Leaving behind regard for what was deemed (to me) as a “hybrid” of two genres, and instead focusing on it as it’s own genre.

Kinesthesia: Music for String Quartet and Electronics

This recording is made possible by the Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative fund, with commission support from the the Jerome Foundation, Meet the Composer, American Composers Forum, and the Southern Theater.

Track Listing:

Kinesthesia I: Depraved Indifference
1. Chaconne
2. Instrumental No. 1
3. A Moment with Ronald Hawk
4. The Path of Least Resistance

Kinesthesia II: Evoked Potentials
5. Chorale
6. Instrumental No. 2
7. The Angle of Repose
8. Push

Please contact for a complete score.

The SEAMUS 20th Anniversary Electroclips Contest

seamus-coverSociety for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States, 20th Anniversary Electroclips album.

Focused around the pronunciation of the acronym SEAMUS. Samples taken from interviews at the 2002 SEAMUS in Iowa.

Released 2006, SEAMUS Label:

Music from SEAMUS EAM-2006-2. Produced by SEAMUS, Mastered by Paul Rudy, University of Missouri at Kansas City, Conservatory of Music IMPACT Center.

Features “Rhapsody”, one of the top 5 winning works including on the album.

Other composers featured on the album include: Ivica Ico Bukvic, Bruce Hamilton, Sam Pluta, Ivanova, Douglas Geers, Greg Dixon, Scott Smallwood, Christopher Cook, Bruce Hamilton, Mikhail Krishtal, Jason J. Bundy, Michael Straus, Scott Brickman, Chien-Wen Cheng, David Z. Durant, Peggy Madden, Douglas Geers, McGreggor Boyle, Michael Wittgraf, Scott Brickman, Anna Rubin, Cyprian Li, Ecnelis Tung-Lung Lin, Andrew Walters, Paula Matthusen, Roberto Aramburu, David R. mooney, Christopher Weise, Yu-Chung Tseng, Richard Repp, David Dow, Mark Phillips, Kristi McGarity and Maurice Wright

The Tomato Collection: The Big Album

tomatoChildren’s music based on the poetry of Kevin Kammeraad.

Each and every poem of The Tomato Collection now as a song! Over 50 musicians in the eclectic variety of music for children of all ages. From Jazz to Rock, from Ballads to Loud and Crazy, everyone will find something to enjoy on this CD.

You can purchase this album through the Cooperfly Books website, or

Tracks contributed by J. Anthony Allen:

#25. Afraid Too? (composer)
#36. Dinner (co-composer)
#40. Little Man Jay (guitarist)
#44. To My Family and Friends (composers & guitarist)

Anxiety: Works of J. Anthony Allen 1998 – 2001

anxiety Includes: Hyperacusis, Saturations II-A, Saturations II-B, I Meant You Have Blue Eyes, Still Life, Letters From K., En Souvenir, To the Deepest Depths I Peered, …Or Not To Be.

Released: Summer, 2001 [Out of Print]

Track List:

1. Hyperacusis (2001), for alto saxophone and tape. Performed by Scott Jones.

2. Saturations II-A (2000), for cello quartet. Performed by Valerie Kleinheksel, Jamie Groom, Melissa Meyers, and Amelia Bueche.

3. Saturations II-C (2000), for cello quartet. Performed by Valerie Kleinheksel, Jamie Groom, Melissa Meyers, and Amelia Bueche.

4 – 7. I Meant You Have Blue Eyes (2000). For two narrators/speaking percussionists. Performed by Laura Dyer and Stephanie Terpening. Movements: I. Slow, II. Fast, III. Moderate/Fast, IV. Slow. Text by Michael Walter

8. Still Life (2000), for steel drum ensemble. Performed by the Grand Valley State University Steel Drum Ensemble, Greg Secor, director. Performers: Greg Secor (tenor), Scott Maranda (tenor), Tim Church (double seconds), Jessica Covell (double tenor), Chad Waterman (cello), Alex Hamel (bass).

9. Letters from K. (1999), Movement V: “Fwd: When You Wish”. For soprano, electronic sounds, and live processing. Performed by Sarah Tamayo (soprano) and J. Anthony Allen (computer). Text by Katherine Glover.

10. En Souvenir (2000) for violin and guitar. Performed by Tatyana Petranko (violin) and J. Anthony Allen (guitar).

11. To The Deepest Depths I Peered (2001) for saxophone quintet. Performed by Cory Kaspezyk (alto saxophone), Jolynn Holcomb (alto saxophone), Josh Doe (tenor saxophone), Jason Proctor (tenor saxophone), and Tony Schillaci (bariton saxophone).

12. …Or Not To Be (1998) for 2-channel tape.