3346083454-1Thing. It’s a track called Thing.

“Thing” is the working title I gave to the track while I was playing with it. I gave it to Andrew Linde at modernsextrash to write some lyrics, and see if he thought it might be a good fit for modernsextrash. The band liked it, and recorded it. They added some cool things to it, and gave it a nice production.

I asked them to come up with a better name, but it seems nothing can top the profundity of “Thing.”

You can download it free from their site:

…Or Not To Be

ornottobe…Or Not To Be was completed in 1999. The tape work utilizes spoken word samples from the book by the same name, edited by Marc Etkind.

The book is a collection of Suicide Notes. Various notes are included in the piece with editing and effects done to the vocal samples. Duration: 7:40

Portrait of a Homeless Man

portraitofahomelessmanPortrait of a Homeless Man was completed in 2002. The video and audio features dialogues and scenes from several nights on the streets in Baltimore. The main subject is “Wayne”, a homeless man in Baltimore.

Duration: 6:23


lazarusLazarus was originally conceived to be a scene within a larger multimedia work based on Richard Grossman’s novel “The Book of Lazarus”. Although the full scale production never made it to fruition, this scene was completed and performed with 2 actors at the Johns Hopkins University film festival in 2003. In early 2005, it was revisited to stand on its own without the actors involved.

The video work was done by Kajsa Brown and Emily Meyer.

Duration: 8:03

Beat Species Counterpoint

beatspeciescounterpointBeat Species Counterpoint for drums and live signal processing was premiered in 2002 with Kurt Snyder on drums. The drum microphones are sent through a custom interface written in Max/MSP. The interface allowed for the second performer, on laptop, to “scratch” the live drums on a Wacom drawing tablet. In addition to the performance at the Peabody Conservatory of Music, it was presented in technical detail at the University of Minnesota “Emerging Digerati” seminar in 2002. Duration: 7:30 Pictures from Premiere:

Beat Species Counterpoint, Picture 1 Beat Species Counterpoint, picture 2 Beat Species Counterpoint, picture 3  


tranceTrance was written in 2006 for Brian Sacawa. For alto saxophone and live electronics (Max/MSP). It uses slow melodic material in the saxophone in order to generate harmonizations in max/msp in realtime.

Duration: 9:00


hyperacusisHyperacusis for alto saxophone and tape was commissioned in 2001 for Scott Jones. The piece is in 6 sections, alternating between abrasive/loud textures and ambient/soft gestures. The title refers to a never ending neurological disorder in which every sound (from a passing car to your own feet walking on carpet) is amplified to an intense level.

duration: 7:21

Sample Pages:

Hyperacusis (Printed Score)

Hyperacusis (Printed Score)

Hyperacusis (Printed Score)

(Click the image for a larger view)


firewireFirewire is an interactive work for firedancer and live signal processing. The firedancer (poi dancer) wears wireless microphones on the shoulders. These microphones pick up the sound of the spinning fire, amplify it, and send it into the computer for processing. The piece is an improvisation for the dancer, as well as the computer performer. A paper documenting the performance was published in the Organised Sound Journal (Cambridge University Press). The original performer was Cori Lee Stalacker.

Duration: c. 7:00

Max/MSP patch:

Pictures from Performances:

Firewire Premiere Performance

Firewire Premiere Performance

Premiere performance of Firewire

Firewire Premiere Performance

Firewire Premiere Performance

Firewire Premiere Performance

Helen Valnliere

helenvalnHelen Valnliere for narrator and electronics, was written in 2003. It is the third and final installment of the “Some Antics trilogy” with poet Michael Walter.

The piece is for one narrator and live electronic music. The narrator speaks Walter’s poetry in a sort of half-rhtyhm-half-sprectstimme style. All the accompaniment is generated in realtime using Max/MSP. The text tells the story of a young Helen Valnliere (pronounced Valn-lee-air)

Duration: 7:00


Requiem for SSAATTBB chorus and electronics was written in 2001. The premiere performance was conducted by Scott Jones, for which it won the 2001 Prix d’Ete Composition Prize.

duration: 9:21

Score Excerpts:

Requiem, Page 1

Requiem, Page 1 (Score)

Requiem, Page 5 (Score)

Requiem, Page 5 (Score)