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Skewed Visions is a Minneapolis-based arts organization specializing in site-specific performance. They created this unique series called Cubicle. To sum it up in their words:

Welcome to CUBICLE, a new series of podcasts meant to be watched while at work (shh!). We invited artists from a range of disciplines to create short pieces on the theme of ‘work.’ You can find one here every month or so until the year is up (or until you get caught).

This is the second piece I’ve done collaborating with director Rachel Perlmeter. She has a background in radio, and thought it would be interesting to not do a video, but a strictly audio contribution to the series. In order to work with the presentation design Skewed Visions had already setup, they made a video for it that was just a black screen. Somewhat appropriate given the last piece Rachel and I worked on together (along with some other friends), the Marat/Sade production at Macallister College.

Rachel wrote the script, and we recorded it at McNally Smith College of Music, using their recording studios and a couple of student engineers (who did an amazing job, by the way.) I took the audio of the voices and editing together a complete take, and worked with the pacing a little bit. From there I added all the other music. The primary music in the piece is an older work of mine for four cellos, called “Saturations II-A”. I played around with an old recording of that piece to make most of the music in the piece.

Hope you enjoy it – it was fun to work on. If you do, please consider making a contribution to Skewed Visions by going here.

envelop(e): A RADIO PLAY FOR 2 VOICES WITH 3 ASPECTS IN 4 MOVEMENTS from Skewed Visions on Vimeo.