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icon175x175JamTutor is an app by Zivix, LLC designed to be a learning platform for guitar on the iPad. It works with the revolutationary JamStik controller: a wireless guitar with real strings and frets. The JamTutor app features over 3 hours worth of music composed by J. Anthony Allen for the game. 

From the iTunes Store:
Who’s tried to learn guitar but struggled, then to put that beautiful instrument in the closet?
We love guitars and we have developed the jamstik to be the gateway to learning, playing and creating.

Learn guitar in the most interactive and engaging way with JamTutor, the companion app for the award winning jamstik.
The only system that can display finger positions on screen that will make learning guitar fun.

The virtual tutoring in JamTutor uses the sensors of the jamstik to see your fingers in real-time showing you on screen right from wrong.
Great for beginners through intermediate players using video to get you started, follow the leader activities, arcade game“like” challenges and engaging backing tracks that turn learning from being tedious in to a rewarding and fun experience.

Grab your pick and the jamstik to go from the basics through X chords, challenges, open play and interactive guitar Tab to build the skills to really play.

This first lesson plan will have you playing quickly and if you already take lessons will compliment the skills you already have. Now you can learn and play on the go, almost anywhere at your own pace with the jamstik and the jamTutor app.