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albumcover This album has been a labor of love for a few years now. I initially wrote what became Kinesthesia I as a commission for the Southern Theatre’s Electric Eyes festival. The piece was meant to explore my passion for the intersections of chamber music and more aggressive electronic music. After the premiere of Kinesthesia I, I decided it needed a counterpart – and so came Kinesthesia II. In Kinesthesia II, I focused on developing the intersections in a more direct way. Leaving behind regard for what was deemed (to me) as a “hybrid” of two genres, and instead focusing on it as it’s own genre.

Kinesthesia: Music for String Quartet and Electronics

This recording is made possible by the Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative fund, with commission support from the the Jerome Foundation, Meet the Composer, American Composers Forum, and the Southern Theater.

Track Listing:

Kinesthesia I: Depraved Indifference
1. Chaconne
2. Instrumental No. 1
3. A Moment with Ronald Hawk
4. The Path of Least Resistance

Kinesthesia II: Evoked Potentials
5. Chorale
6. Instrumental No. 2
7. The Angle of Repose
8. Push

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