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Electronic Tracks:
Mantissa (Electronic Work, Instrumental) [audio:] TimeLapse (Electronic Work, Instrumental, Excerpt) [audio:] Folk Song No. 2 (Electronic Work, Instrumental) [audio:] Fanfare for Studio Z (Electronic Work, Instrumental, Excerpt). Written to commerate the opening of the Studio Z performance space. All samples are taken from the space (walls, floors, doors, etc.) [audio:] Feel (Remix of “Feel” by modernsextrash) [audio:]  
Blue Stripe (Remix of “Red Stripe” by modernsextrash) [audio:] 4ontheFloor (demo/Instrumental – collaboration with Ballet Mech) [audio:] Thing (Rock, Instrumental) [audio:]
String Quartet No. 3, Mvt. 2 (Instrumental, String Quartet) [audio:] Tears of Eros (Full Orchestra) [audio:] Overture (opening credits) The studio requested a score that was 100% male choir, but still without using any words. The opening credits had slow-moving text and mathematical diagrams, with a slow acceleration of intensity. [audio:] Tuning a Machine Taking place in a future dystopian society, a man “tunes in” music to accompany his meal. The man is extremely OCD, and needs everything to be clean and precise. [audio:] Building Intensity A man and woman have a conversation about their relationship, in which they disagree. Not quite an argument, but more of a sentimental (yet intense) “state of affairs”. [audio:] Ambience / Wasteland The camera pans over a futuristic desert wasteland. [audio:]
Music for Stage/Theater
Ceremonious Music (From Marat/Sade) A procession of inmates enters the Asylum, preparing to begin a play. [audio:] Dance of Death (From Marat/Sade) The inmates of the Asylum dance a gory depiction of death. [audio:]
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