Performance Incentive

Performance Incentive Logo What is it?
A new program that encourages multiple performances of works by J. Anthony Allen. Basically, it’s a discount on music scores and recordings. The more you play the piece, the bigger your refund on the cost of the score (and any other performance materials) is.

How does it work?
Buy a downloadable score through Print it, perform it. If that score cost $20, and you perform it once within the year you bought it, we will give you $5 back. (25%). If you perform it twice within that year, we will give you $10 back (50%). Any performances beyond that gets you a hardy “thanks!” (trying to stay in business here, people.)
That breakdown again is:
  • First performance within a year of purchase: 25% refund.
  • Second performance within a year of purchase: 50% refund.

Performances are only counted in ASCAP licensed venues. If you don’t know if a venue is licensed by ASCAP, ask the venue manager. Most venues that regularly have live music have an ASCAP license.

Which pieces qualify?
Any piece that is sold as a downloadable score through Physical scores purchased through the site do not qualify.

How do I get the refund?
You don’t need to do anything when you purchase the score. After your performances, just email a PDF of the program to We will then refund your paypal account (preferred), or issue a check by mail.
Just remember the rules:
– ASCAP Licensed venue
– Purchased through
– Downloadable copies only.

What about “tape” pieces, electronic tracks, etc?
The discount goes toward all performance materials for a given piece. If the piece is a “tape” piece (electronic track) and you program it in a concert, the same discount is available.

Cool idea. How did you come up with it?
I have to admit, I didn’t. It was Michael Straus that suggested it to me after his consortium commissioned Dry Cell. Contrary to popular belief, selling music scores doesn’t generate a lot of revenue, but performance royalties can add up. So it’s a win-win situation.