Top 10 Summer Albums


1272905_audio_series_pt_1It’s summer – It’s feeling nice out. The thing about Minneapolis is that as nasty as our winters are, it makes us acutely aware of every single beautiful day in the summer. We cherish them. Listening to my iTunes library on random this afternoon, I decided to come up with a list of all time top 10 summer albums. It isn’t that I only listen to them in the summer – but there is something about them that is inherently summer. Maybe the album was released in the summer, maybe I just listened to it a lot one summer, I don’t know. But the summer-ness of it stuck. Here is my list: Not in any order. 1. Ani DiFranco: Reckoning This is part of a 2-disc set called Reckoning/Reveling. I like this one the best. 2. The Art of Noise: The Seduction of Claude Debussy I would probably but this on any seasonal list of favorite music. I listen to it year round – one of my all time favorite albums. 3. Death Cab for Cutie: Transatlanticism No real explanation for this one, it’s just great. 4. DJ Shadow: Endtroducing This album was introduced to me in the summer of 2003. It is now that soundtrack to that summer, and makes an appearance every summer since. 5. Duncan Sheik: Phantom Moon I’ll stick with it until I die that Duncan has more going on than “Barely Breathing.” If you check out his other music, he is a master songwriter. This album was a collaboration with a playwriting, I believe, but it is primarily guitar and voice work. 6. Joni Mitchell: Blue Perfect music for any raining summer day. 7. Imogen Heap: Speak For Yourself Any/all of her albums are awesome summer soundtracks. 8. Rufus Wainwright: Rufus Wainwright In 2004 someone sent me this album because they thought I looked like him. The album is great, and has some really smart songwriting on it. For you classical-heads: you need to listen to Damned Ladies. 9. U.N.K.L.E: Psyence Fiction Features DJ Shadow with U.N.K.L.E. Listening to it puts me right back in the hot Baltimore summer weather. 10. Zero 7: When It Falls Not normally something I would really get in to, but imagine listening to this in the background while having a Barbecue. Perfect combination.